Comprehensive Coverage for Residential or Commercial Condo Corporations – Experience & Reputation You Can Count On

Annex offers condominium corporations the experience needed to ensure their businesses are insured intelligently, with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

In Ontario, condominium corporations are required to have two types of coverage – liability insurance and property insurance which provides coverage for damage to the units from the common elements.

When you work with an Annex Insurance Group commercial broker, you benefit from our reputation and experience negotiating on behalf of condo corps in communities all over Ontario.

Our job is to negotiate the best coverage at the best rates – giving you the confidence that your policy offers the right balance of risk mitigation and financial benefit.

Condo Corporation’s Master Insurance Policies and What They Typically Cover

Typically, your condo corporation has a master policy that insures all of the property and common areas that are collectively owned by unit owners. Generally, condo corporation insurance covers the following:

  • The buildings shown on the condo plan
  • Common property such as hallways, stairs, roofs, pools, garages and driveways
  • Fixtures built or installed as part of the original or standard construction, including floor and wall coverings as well as electrical and plumbing fixtures
  • Condo assets like furniture and equipment
  • Liability of the condo corporation for claims of property damage and bodily injury suffered by others
  • Directors and Officers coverage for members of the Condo Board of Directors

Annex is here to protect all that’s important to you and your business. 

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