How the Right Insurance Broker Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Insurance Brokers

While many insurance brokers offer similar insurance products, it’s the people who can really make a difference to your small business. Our team of commercial insurance professionals at Annex are committed to fully understanding your business’s unique needs, potential risk and future plan for growth.

Here are just a few ways our team at Annex can help you confidently grow your small business:

Creating a group benefits plan

Next to salary, group health benefits are an important factor to attract and retain quality employees. It can also be strategic option compared to bonuses or pay raises.

Review of your existing group benefits plan

Businesses on average only review their group benefits once every 10 years. If you have not reviewed your group benefits health plan in the last few years, you may be missing out on improved coverage for your employees, easier to navigate claims processes and potential savings for your business’s current needs.

Protecting the future of your business

If something happened to your business partner or a key employee, could your business function as it does now? “Key Person Life Insurance” protects your business in the event that one of your key employees dies or becomes disabled.

Understanding all your insurance needs

From commercial auto policies, cyber insurance, professional liability, property, casualty, life insurance and beyond: Our team of insurance brokers will learn your business, analyze risks and offer you comprehensive options, so you can focus on growing your business, knowing you have the coverage you need.

Our professionals at Annex are here for your small business’s insurance needs. We are not only committed to offering you fantastic coverage options and rates, but also make the process as easy as possible, so you can focus on what matters most. To begin a conversation, please reach out to us at 1.844.366.4900 or email:

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