Ride down the open road knowing you have the right coverage with motorcycle insurance. Annex will help you find the right policy.

Motorcycles are loved for their roaring engines and sleek bodies that allow riders to cruise through highways and weave in and out of traffic. In the warmer months, the fresh breeze and cool air are a nice bonus.

For big bike enthusiasts, there’s nothing like the first day of dusting off their motorcycles as soon as it’s warm out. And because it’s cold more than half the year, it’s all the more reason for big bikes to hit the road as soon as the sun and warm breeze are out. But is your bike safe to ride?

Annex offers comprehensive motorcycle insurance for big bike enthusiasts, everyday commuters, and occasional riders. This comprehensive policy is designed to protect you in case of accidents by covering the cost of property damage, personal injury, lost income, and third party liability. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced rider or you’re just getting started on a big bike — it’s the law to ride one with proper insurance.

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