A lot of machines that work in the background keep a building operational. For one, the boiler plays a crucial role in maintaining overall comfort inside a building, whether it’s an apartment or an office space. The boiler heats water and ensures tenants access to warm water, central heating, cooking, sanitation, and a lot more day-to-day functions. But what happens when the boiler breaks down?

Aside from HVAC systems and other building equipment, Boiler and Machinery Insurance can also be tailored to cover other property damaged because of boiler accidents and breakdowns.

This ensures coverage for a mechanical or electrical breakdown of other appliances and machinery that building management may be held responsible for. With extended boiler and machinery coverage, you can cover the cost of restoring building operations and tenant satisfaction.

Our goal is to equip you with the necessary financial protection to recover from the financial impact or major equipment breakdown so that you can resume normal building operations in no time.

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