Apartment/Tenant an insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect your investment in your personal property.

For students and young professionals, renting an apartment is often the first step in financial independence and owning a starter home. On the flipside, for empty-nesters looking to downsize apartment living can provide convenient locations without concern for home maintenance or unplanned repair bills. And with quickly rising housing costs in major cities and emerging urban centres, it’s also a way to explore the real estate market and live in coveted locations before making a longer term financial commitment through home ownership. But just because your landlord is responsible for taking care of the property doesn’t mean you don’t have legal responsibilities or the need to protect your personal belongs as a tenant.

Designed to protect tenants like you, apartment insurance secures your investment in a rental property. It’s up to you to furnish the space and make it your home, and these require bringing in your furniture, electronics, and other personal property. Your landlord may be responsible for repairs and restoring your unit after an accident or disaster, but apartment/tenant insurance is for everything else inside that’s yours.

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