Annex Insurance will help you find a comprehensive and reliable commercial auto insurance policy that fits your needs.

Commercial auto insurance is necessary when your business travels to project sites carrying tools and materials of your trade, operates in the trucking field delivering goods or picking up supplies, or requires a sturdy truck to transport large equipment and materials. You can count on company vehicles to reach customers across Atlantic Canada and beyond. Company vehicles are essential assets that help keep your business running and your customers happy. You need them revved up and ready to go 24/7. But what happens if you are in an accident?

A commercial auto insurance plan helps you secure these key assets and restore the flow of pickup and delivery operations. This comprehensive protection plan covers the cost of damage to company vehicles at rates that your business requires, so your products and services can hit the road again, safely.

At Annex, our experienced commercial trucking insurance brokers will listen to your needs, work to understand your business, and provide you with sound advice on a commercial trucking insurance program that fits your needs. We will seek out the best combination of coverage and price from a wide range of Canadian insurance companies.

Our brokers work with major insurance providers in Canada to help you find the best commercial auto insurance policy for your company vehicles and equip you with cost-saving liability, property damage, and personal injury coverage. Trust our brokers to help secure the future of your business, starting with custom-tailoring a comprehensive protection plan for your cars and trucks on the road.

Annex is here to protect all that’s important to you and your business. 

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