Condo insurance is a home insurance product which provides coverage for the inside of your condominium. Annex can help you find the right one. 

Just like any homeowner, you need the right insurance package to secure your real estate investment and the perks that go with it. While condo management is responsible for attractive shared amenities, outdoor space, and other common areas, your unit and everything inside it is yours — and yours to protect from damage.

Condo insurance helps you secure your part of the building. It equips you with personal property protection for damage caused by accidents and disasters, and liability protection for injuries and damages sustained by third parties who set foot in your unit. For savvy real estate investors who transformed their units into rental properties, condo insurance can also secure their lucrative income.

Finally, your condo insurance can also help shield you from the financial burden of an unplanned special assessment by your condo board.

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