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Boat insurance protects you, your boat, and belongings onboard financially against a wide range of risks.

Depending on the size, horsepower and value of your watercraft, boat insurance may be added to your homeowners insurance and be sold as a stand along product for various watercraft, including sail, jet, sport, and fishing boats, cruisers, cuddy cabin boats, houseboats, pontoon boats, deck boats, runabout, and personal watercraft. Each boat insurance policy is tailored according to the type of watercraft you own — their size and horsepower, your experience, and where you’re navigating to, such as luxury cruising or weekend watersports.

The right insurance covers damage to your boat and personal property in case of accidents, fire, weather-related events, and property crime like theft and vandalism. This coverage also includes accident benefits for affected parties, such as medical treatment and income replacement, as well as liability in case of property damage and injuries sustained by a passenger or other third party.

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