If you’re looking to find the right home based business insurance policy, Annex will ensure choosing one that fits your needs. 

For many Canadians, shifting to the gig economy through freelance work and small business ownership is rewarding, primarily due to the flexibility it offers. This also means being able to work virtually from anywhere, including your home.

A home-based business may save you rent, utilities, transportation costs, and other fixed expenses. However, what you save needs to be channeled back to securing both your income and place of business. Home business insurance protects both your assets and livelihood in a comprehensive policy.

A comprehensive home-based business insurance plan covers office equipment, supplies and inventory both on- and off-premises and financial cover for fixed expenses during business interruptions due to insured losses. As well, this covers legal fees and settlements in liability claims initiated by customers, employees, and other third parties who suffer injuries or property damage as a result of business operations.

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