Critical illness insurance doesn’t replace an individual’s provincial medical insurance—it simply adds an extra level of financial protection in the event that you are diagnosed with a critical illness. Since the money is paid directly to you, you’ll be able to spend it on whatever you decide is the biggest need—rent or mortgage payments, out of the country treatment, medical equipment, private nursing, bills, etc.

Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. Should you or your spouse experience a serious illness or injury, how would the loss of income impact you? In addition to your day-to-day living expenses, a disabling injury can also lead to additional expenses, such as increased medical and household costs.

To protect against financial hardship, anyone who earns money—whether single or married, with children or without—should consider a personal disability insurance policy.

Disability insurance is designed to complement health insurance. It provides financial peace of mind for you and your loved ones in the event that you are sidelined by a serious illness or injury by protecting your future income potential.

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