Annex Insurance will find broad-ranging contractors equipment insurance policies that is designed to protect damaged and missing equipment.

As a contractor, you count on the essential tools of your trade to complete jobs and keep business running. From saws to power drills, construction gear, and basic supplies, you need a steady supply of these materials to get the job done. But these tools and equipment don’t come cheap — you can’t afford to keep buying new power drills if they are stolen or destroyed in an accident.

What is Contractors Equipment Insurance?

Contractors Equipment Insurance provides comprehensive financial protection for essential tools of your trade. Get financial coverage for damaged and missing equipment through repair or replacement allowances according to current market values.

These limits are customizable according to your budget while ensuring coverage of repairing or replacing tools and equipment according to current market prices. Avoid the financial burden of additional out-of-pocket expenses to resume business.

At Annex, we value the work of contractors and understand the investment that goes into tools and equipment that make construction, electrical wiring, plumbing, landscaping, and other similar work possible. That’s why we work with major Canadian providers to present you with leading contractors equipment insurance policies, and tailor a coverage according to your budget and the size of your company, or the jobs you take on as an independent contractor. Protect the tools of your trade and get the job done every time with the right equipment.

Annex is here to protect all that’s important to you and your business. 

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