Whole life insurance is ideal for personal and business needs, it provides permanent protection you can count on and guaranteed cash values that grow over time in a tax-sheltered contract.

Compared to term life insurance, permanent or whole life insurance premiums are initially higher. However, in the long run, it is often the more cost-effective decision, especially for younger people. Unlike term life insurance, which covers the contract holder until a specified age limit, a traditional whole life policy never runs out. Upon the inevitable death of the contract holder, the insurance payout is made to the contract beneficiaries.
One compelling advantage with whole life is that the account value interest is vested each year. Under the right circumstances, some investment professionals recommend this as a viable alternative to fixed income investments such as GICs.

We will find the best carrier for your specific situation providing a policy that generates the maximum value for your premium dollar. At the same time, you have peace of mind knowing that your business and your family’s future is protected by insurance.

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